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To sell homes in today's real estate market you have to understand how people are buying homes.  90% of home buyers say they found the home they purchased on the internet! Mike understands marketing and photography and can get your home sold when others cannot.  

Tell me a little about your home, size, age, updates, age of roof and HVAC system and I'll be happy to send you a free, no obligation comparison of what similar homes sold for in the past 6 months. Email me at or call 931-287-3539


   No other agent had more of their listings for homes sell in Fairfield Glade

in 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 or 2015

7 years in a row for being #1 at getting home listings sold!

Why list your home with anyone else? 


























Who should you trust to list your home and get the job done for you?

In 2020 there were 430 homes sold in Fairfield Glade.

The average days on market for all homes sold was 63 days.

Mike's average days on market for his 35 listings that sold was 41 days! 

The average list price to actual sold price for all 430 homes was a drop of $15,000.00.

The 35 homes that Mike listed and sold had a drop of only $6,000.00 from list price to actual sold price.

This means if you trust Mike with listing your home,

it will sell 3 weeks faster and for $9,000.00 more than average!

Just a few success stories from the past few years.

34 Hickory Cove Lane: on the market for 202 days with a different agent, the owners listed it with me, I raised the price by                                                10,000.00 over what it was listed for the last time, pending in 10 days.  

500 Stonehenge Dr: On the market for 270 days with a different realtor, the owners listed it with me, I raised the list price by                                        $26,000.00 and brought the sellers an accepted cash offer in 3 days!

13 Leyden Ct: on the market for 6 months with a different realtor, the owners listed it with me, sold in 5 days!  

                          I also found the buyer for this home! 

132 Delbridge lane: on the market for 181 days with a different agent, the owners listed it with me, pending in 21 days,

                                      I also found the buyer for this home! 

106 Overlook Cove: On the market 248 days with a different agent, the owners listed it with me pending in only 10 days.

618 Westchester: Listed for 6 months with a different agent, the owners listed it with me, pending in 2 days!

16 Wintergreen Ct: On the market for 493 days with a different realtor, the owners listed it with me, pending in 20 days.

125 Lafayette Pt # 3: on the market with another agent, the owners listed it with me, pending in 13 days! 

32 Heather Glen Dr: on the market for 9 months with 2 different agents, the owners listed it with me, pending in 57 days.

47 Roundstone Terr: on the market for 693 days with 2 different agents, the owners listed it with me, pending in 62 days.

110 Shelley Lane: on the market for 320 days with a different agent, the owners listed it with me, pending in 38 days.  

20 Bacham Lane: on the market for 510 days with a different agent, the owners listed it with me, sold in 40 days!

25 Bacham Lane: on the market for 1.5 years with a different agent, the owners listed it with me, sold in 59 days! 

Past Success Stories: We listen to feedback 

“I work with my sellers to get the best possible outcome for their property.  Part of that process is to position the property in its best possible light.  One seller had loud and dated wallpaper in the two bathrooms of the home.  As the property was shown by realtors, there was consistent feedback that the wallpaper was the reason an offer was not made.  It just made the home look dated.  Mike scheduled to have an estimate to have the wallpaper removed and walls painted. The seller decided to move forward with the wallpaper removal and paint for a low cost.  At the first showing after the job was done, there was an accepted offer on their property.” 


Another home showed very well, people liked the layout and location, but the feedback was all about the worn out carpet in the living room and hallway. After 6-7 showings with the same feedback Mike had his flooring guy take over a few samples to see which one would work best.  While the owner and flooring guy were choosing which one to install an agent showed up with a potential buyer to do a showing of the home.  The potential buyer liked the flooring they picked out, made an offer on the home and ordered two more rooms of the same flooring to do the bedrooms!   




Mike sold my elderly mother's home in November 2020. He was knowledgeable, responsive, accommodating, and trustworthy. Every issue that arose was addressed immediately. If you need to sell a house long distance, I would highly recommend Mike. 


Michael, was really kind and professional. This was my first experience trying to sell a home without a spouses input. I had a lot of questions and he was very patient, with me. He was always very responsive, and made me always feel comfortable in the prosses. He always returned and never missed my phone calls.  


Don't take my word for it, ask your neighbors about the extra effort Mike puts in to marketing their homes and the difference it makes!  Read Mike's reviews on Zillow or Trulia CLICK HERE      


What Mike is Doing to Market Your Home for Sale:

1) Great photographs of your home.  I made my living as a professional fine art photographer for 17 years.  I have won numerous awards at some of the top fine art shows in the country.  I’ll get GREAT photos of your home! 

2) I market them all over the internet, not just on the MLS.  I also enhance your listings so they come up at the top of search results.  This gets more potential buyers to your front door! 

3) I make a walk through high definition, 1080p video of your home and post it on youtube.  This further promotes your home online and potential buyers can understand the layout of your home.

4)  I am serious about getting your home sold, will work with you to get it sold, will not rest until it’s sold and will guide you all the way through the process to make the entire experience as stress free on you as possible. 

5) It's all about social media! I post photos, videos and your homes vital stats on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites! 

6) I call the agent that showed your home after every showing to find out what their clients thought of your home, the price, condition, etc and I’ll call you to let you know what they said.  

7) The marketing of your home will evolve with me.  I will tweak your home’s listing, change photos, change text descriptions, we’ll discuss with each other the best way to get your home sold.  No stale listings!  


When you get a minute, call me to discuss your plans and let’s see if I can help you move on with your life by getting your home sold.  I promise you’ll be happy you made the call!  


Let me add your home to the list of happy clients!  Call me at 931-287-3539






             Choosing the Right Real Estate Professional to Sell Your Home 

When selling your home, does it make a difference which Realtor you choose? Currently there are close to 300 Realtors in Cumberland County. All Realtors are not created equal! You are bombarded with ads for agents, direct mail, newspaper, on line, social media and on the radio. So how do you pick? What questions should you be asking?


1) Trust: Absolutely the most important factor in choosing a Realtor! Do you trust what this person is telling you, the advice they are giving you? Listen to your gut. Does this person have your best interest at heart or theirs?

Dave Ramsey, known as the financial guru, advises:

“When getting help with money, whether it’s insurance, real estate or investments, you should always look for someone with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman.”


2) Experience and past performance: How many of your listings have sold this year and/or last year?

What’s the average days on market for our area and what are your listings average days on market?


3) Getting an honest price for your homes value: Some agents will inflate the price they give to you and right after signing will start asking you to lower the sales price. This wastes your time, gives you false hope of what your home will bring and is out right dishonest. The best question to ask here is: How many of your listings sold last year without having to lower the price to get an accepted offer?


4) Marketing: How and where are you going to market my home? Photos and videos are very important to market in today’s online world. Ask to see photos and videos of the agents recent listings. Do they have proper lighting? Do they look sharp, bright, clear and in focus? Are they doing videos for their listings? Ask to see one or two of them.


5) Get recommendations from someone you trust. Read reviews from past clients. How well does this particular agent know your market? How many of their listings have sold in your particular neighborhood?


6) Feedback: The number 1 complaint I hear from people that had their home listed before is, “once the agent stuck the sign in their yard, we never heard from them again.” Make sure your agent follows up with every realtor that shows your home to get feedback from your showings. Many missed opportunities come from not following up.


7) Negotiations: A very important question to ask: What is this agent’s list price to sold price ratio? Is it higher or lower than the area average? This is how much money you are going to walk away from the closing table with. Is your agent going to talk you into accepting a deal that benefits you best or benefits the agent’s best interest? Are the majority of your agents final sale prices close to what they listed their homes for? This will give you an idea of how realistic their estimates of your home’s value is.


8) Help during the sale with inspections, handymen to make any repairs that are asked for, packers, movers, cleaning people, arranging for an agent if you are moving out of the area and/or help finding a new place to live. Going over your closing statement to make sure you are not paying for items you are not supposed to. Showing up at closing to make sure everything goes smoothly.


I hope this helps. Talk to several Realtors before listing your home. Ask these questions, get their answers and make an informed decision. Listing your home with the wrong Realtor could cost you thousands of dollars in the end.

Call Mike Albin at 931-287-3539 to find out how he answers these questions.  


Your home is your largest investment.  Are you going to trust your home, your largest investment to a professional who’s main selling feature is “I will do it for less money?” 

If you need heart or brain surgery, are you going to a surgeon that is recommended to you as one of the best or are going to pick the least expensive surgeon?


Let's talk about experience and negotiating skills.

Negotiations don't just take place when deciding on a price.  Negotiating how much earnest money the buyers will put down, what appliances stay or go, a closing date in your best interest or if we bring you multiple offers, which one is actually the best one to take. Once the inspection is completed and buyers ask for repairs, a new round of negotiation start.  What you need to fix, what can you let pass, giving a credit at closing instead of doing repairs.  Negotiating experience matters!  

When you get an offer on your home and the negotiations start, do you want  a realtor that will stand up on your behalf and negotiate in your best interest or a realtor that can’t even negotiate on their own behalf to  get a 6% commission? 

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